METI to Prepare GL for Disclosure of Information on Patents

○○○ Chemical Industries will participate in METI's Patent and Technology Information Disclosure Pilot Model Project from the pharmaceutical industry. This pilot model project aims at appropriate disclosure by companies of information on their patents and technologies. Such information is critical for assessing the growth potential of individual companies, but most companies do not disclose the appropriate information, making it impossible for the stock market to accurately evaluate their growth potential. In the pilot model project, METI will determine measures that should be taken to ensure the appropriate disclosure of information by companies. In addition to ○○○, 13 companies including ○○○ Kasei Corporation, ○○○, ○○○, and ○○○ will participate. Each participating company will make an effort to disclose information that is useful for investors.

The Intellectual Property Policy Committee of METI's Industrial Structure Council (Management and Market Environment Subcommittee) has been studying ways to improve the disclosure of information on patents and technology since October 2002. It presented the types and examples of disclosure (pilot models) that are generally considered to be effective in March. These pilot models consist of items such as 1) core technologies and business models, 2) R&D segments and strategy directions, 3) analysis of marketability of technologies and their market competitiveness, 4) costs and benefits related to intellectual properties, and 5) information on risk. The committee recommends that companies prepare "intellectual property reports" based on the pilot models when they disclose information on their patents and other intellectual properties.