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MDN(Mainichi Daily News)-検索結果サンプル


○○○ Neomeit develops mobile phones that act as remote-controls
20XX.XX.XX Mainichi Daily News/XXXX XX, 20XX, Wednesday (WORDS:278)

○○○ Neomeit Corp., a subsidiary of ○○○ Telegraph and ○○○ West Corp., has developed a system that allows people to use mobile phones or computers to act as remote-controls for various electrical appliances, company officials said. ○○○ Neomeit is set to place the system on the market in March 20XX, according to officials. There are currently mobile phone systems that can act as remote-controls for DVD recorders and other digital electrical appliances, but the system developed recently by ○○○ Neomeit is the first one that can operate all kinds of electrical appliances including devices that have no communication functions. The newly developed system uses special electric outlets to send information to ○○○'s group computer on how electric appliances at home are functioning. After accessing the electrical appliance operating site on the Internet through computers or mobile phones, users enter their PIN number and to access their own pages to check how their home electrical appliances are working. So, for example, if users notice they have forgotten to switch off their air conditioners, they can using their computer or mobile phones to switch them off. Moreover, people can use their mobile phones or computers to set their timers and change the channels on their video recorders and adjust the temperatures of their air conditioning through an infrared-ray communication system. The system will also allow users to regularly turn on and off lights to act as a deterrent to thieves. Users will be required to keep their computers constantly connected to broadband circuits such as ADSL and optical fiber circuits and pay about 500 yen in monthly connection fees to service providers. (Mainichi) (Mainichi Daily News / XXXX XX)

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